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The Occupation Optimist is a career consultancy founded by Chris Taylor, a former Executive Recruiter turned career coach, mentor and strategist with a passion for helping others find the job of their dreams. If traditional career advice hasn’t worked for you, let the Occupational Optimist help you discover your true passions and the individual personality traits, skills and experiences that will put you on that path.



As an Executive Recruiter and Consultant, Chris’ clients have landed offers with some of the largest and most highly sought-after companies in the country including Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Turner Broadcasting, Univision, JP Morgan Chase, MailChimp, Tory Burch and many others. Before finding his passion, Chris worked for ten years as a Sales Manager with a Fortune 500 corporation.      

In addition to recruiting for companies large and small, Chris contributes to publications such as Fast Company, Forbes, Business Insider, Time, Inc Magazine and the Daily Muse, offering career advice, tips and stories from the front lines of job hunting. 



Client Reviews

Chris is knowledgeable, sincerely cares about your success, and most importantly gives honest and thoughtful advice. I would recommend Chris for anyone looking to expand their career, at all levels, from the most junior to seasoned executives.
— Ellis Taliafero, Vice President – Global Technology, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Chris helped me recognize the value of my past experience and zero in on what was really important for my next position to offer. Chris went the extra mile when providing in-depth research and concrete resume/LinkedIn advice.
— Camille Vega, Senior Analysts – Strategy and Corporate Development at J.M. Huber Corporation
I often say, “He’s like Hitch! But for your dream job.” We laugh, but it’s true! His ability to ask the right questions, get to know you and help you see that value in yourself is phenomenal. He’s shifted my views on what I’ve learned and the significance of my contributions to in my previous positions.
— Camrei Terrell, Store Leader at Warby Parker